Renting a flat in Basel: insider advice and tips

Basel is the oldest university city in Switzerland and has a modern architecture with the Rhine running through it.

Basel is a captivating city full of contrasts, with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and lively traditions. Basel is also the most important museum city in Switzerland.

Flat for rent in Basel and rents for all

The rental market in Basel is very diverse, both for students and for large families. Basel consists of two half-cantons (Basel city and Basel country), each with its own specific characteristics. The average rent for flats is CHF 1'600. A student's studio apartment costs CHF 1,000 per month, so sharing is often the preferred option. In a city where rents are high, it is often a good idea to take out a rental guarantee, which helps to reduce expenses.

Rent a flat in the district of Riehen

On the other side of the Rhine, the district of Riehen offers more affordable rents. It is also home to the magnificent Beyeler Foundation, one of the 40 museums in Basel. The district of Riehen has been voted the commune with the best quality of life. There are many green spaces and a pleasant city center.

Little Basel

Basel is split in two by the Rhine, the Big Basel side is built on two hills and has the most striking sights. Little Basel has a few old houses, but it is the popular and cosmopolitan part of the city that you should visit. The Rheingasse has all kinds of bars that are not to be missed. Little Basel has everything you need to be happy, with entertainment in the squares, bars, and restaurants on the sunny bank of the Rhine, which reminds us of the Mediterranean.

Getting around by public transport in Basel

With its green and yellow trams, Basel has one of the most comfortable and extensive public transport networks in Switzerland. Indeed, the rides are fast and sometimes even cross-border. In addition, the ships of the shipping company offer cruises and excursions not to be missed. From city tours to gastronomic cruises, there is something for everyone.

Our insider tips when living in Basel

Basel is a city of culture and diversity. With its 40 museums, it has the highest museum density in the country. Some of these are world-famous, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Jean Tinguely and the Museum of Civilization. There are also numerous botanical gardens and the Basel Zoo, which, with the Etoscha House, offers a glimpse of the Namibian savannah. Basel also knows how to party, with numerous bars and clubs allowing you to go out until the end of the night. The Angels' Share is an award-winning cocktail bar and the Bar Rouge, open on Saturdays, offers a breathtaking view of the city.

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