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How will a provisional certificate help my rental application?

A provisional certificate shows property management companies that you will be able to provide them with a rental guarantee when you sign a lease agreement to secure your accommodation.

By providing you with a provisional certificate for your accommodation search, Firstcaution undertakes to issue a rental guarantee when you sign your lease agreement.

How do I put together a rental application that stands out?

A rental application contains personal information enabling the property management company to ensure you are a trustworthy tenant.

For example, they make sure that you will be able to pay your rent, that you have the legal authority to sign a lease agreement, and that you will be a good neighbour to the other tenants. Your rental application indicates your intention to sign a lease agreement to rent a apartment.

Checklist: how to put together an excellent rental application
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How does a provisional certificate work?

You can fill out a form in three minutes. You will receive a provisional rent certificate to add to your rental application file to rent an apartment (or house). Follow these steps:

  1. Fill in the application form: name, surname and email address.
  2. Your provisional rent certificate which is valid for six months arrives by email within three minutes.
  3. Add the certificate to your rental application.
  4. Send your rental application to the property management company as soon as you visit an apartment you wish to rent.

A provisional certificate is free of charge without obligation to purchase. It is valid for six months. It can be renewed if you have not secured accommodation after six months. The certificate is only valid for your accommodation search.

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Apply for a guarantee certificate when signing a lease agreement

Great, you have found an apartment and signed the lease! Give us the number of the pre-confirmation, complete the details, sign up and immediately receive the official certificate.

With your certificate number, we will deliver your guarantee certificate for securing your accommodation immediately.

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"A really great idea for anyone who can't pay their security deposit right away."

Artur F.

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Why choose Firstcaution?

With a provisional certificate, we commit to providing you with a rental guarantee without a bank deposit when you sign a lease agreement.

We will try to help you, whatever your circumstances. If necessary, we will draw up a personalised application for your rental guarantee when you sign a lease agreement.

Firstcaution is a FINMA-approved insurance company, specialising in rental guarantees. For the past twelve years we have done our utmost to answer customer questions and to deliver a high-quality service at an affordable price. More than 100,000 people have already placed their trust in us.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the purpose of a provisional guarantee certificate?

A provisional certificate is used to boost your rental application chances. With the provisional certificate, you show the property management company or landlord that you will be able to provide a rental guarantee in order to sign a lease agreement. With the provisional certificate, Firstcaution commits to issuing you with a rental guarantee when you sign a lease agreement.

The Firstcaution provisional guarantee certificate is free of charge, valid for six months and comes with no obligation to purchase. Apply now for a provisional guarantee certificate.


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We have been providing guarantees for tenants for over 12 years and more than 100,000 people have already benefitted from our speed and reliability.

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