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What is the difference between our rental guarantee and a rental deposit on a bank?

With a Firstcaution rental guarantee, you pay an annual bill based on the amount of your rental guarantee. If you prefer a rental guarantee without a bank deposit, this is possible. You can also choose to deposit all or part of your rental guarantee into an bank account at any time. This will reduce your annual prime. Your money remains available to you, and you can get it back at any time.

It makes no difference to your property management company or landlord whether you bring a Firstcaution rental guarantee or a guarantee in form of a bank deposit. All of our rental guarantees are approved by FINMA. The flexibility we offer our clients to pay or reclaim a deposit amount has no impact on the guarantee certificate we give to the landlords.

How do you get the money back from the bank deposit?

With the consent of your management, you can convert your bank guarantee into a flexible Firstcaution guarantee.

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How to get the money back from the bank deposit?

These steps are necessary to reclaim your money from the bank deposit

  1. fill out the online form.
  2. once the application is completed, Firstcaution sends your property management company or landlord the guarantee certificate.
  3. your administration or owner contacts the bank where you have the rental deposit to close it.
  4. you will get your money back from the bank and you can dispose of it freely.

In case of commercial premises, we will contact you personally after the 1st step to complete the registration and discuss the further steps together.

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Your advantages

Simple, fast and flexible

Online registration in just 3 minutes with immediate processing of your request.

Unique ability to choose whether you pay the rental deposit in full, in part or not at all using rental deposit - without ever blocking your money. You can withdraw the money at any time to customize the rent guarantee to your needs.

The guarantee remains unchanged, regardless of your decisions. Thus, there is no need to inform the real estate agency or the landlord.

Easy to understand and there for you

We answer all your questions and are available by Telephone → 0840 78 78 78, par e-mail et par WhatsApp


Firstcaution is a Swiss insurance company authorized by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). Our guarantee is 100% reliable. As a specialist in rental guarantees, we offer service with high quality and fast response times. Real estate professionals also appreciate us for our professionalism.

Adapts to you

Your annual invoice amount depends on the amount of the rental guarantee, the start of the lease and the amount of your rental deposit.

Why choose Firstcaution?

Firstcaution is the only insurance company that offers you a flexible rental guarantee. You can choose not to deposit money into an account by opting for a 100% deposit solution. You can also choose to deposit all or part of your rental guarantee on a bank deposit at any time. This money is never blocked, you can get it back at any time.

At Firstcaution, everyone is welcome, including you. Regardless of your situation or that of your company. Together we will find an individual solution that suits you.

Firstcaution is an insurance company authorized by FINMA. We specialize in rental guarantees and have been supporting our more than 100,000 clients for twelve years. They appreciate our professional support at fair prices.

Get to know Firstcaution

How much does a rental guarantee without a bank deposit cost?

You pay an annual prime for the rental guarantee of your apartment (approx. CHF 170.- per year). The amount depends on the rental deposit that your property management company or landlord requires as security. Calculate your costs now.

For your commercial space, you pay an annual prime. The amount depends on your lease and the situation of your business. Contact us to work together to create a custom quote for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I already have a rental guarantee in the form of a bank deposit account. How do I get my blocked money back?

To recover your money blocked on a bank deposit account for your rental guarantee, sign up for a Firstcaution rental guarantee :
  1. Fill out the online form.
  2. Firstcaution will send your rental guarantee certificate to your rental agency or landlord no later than one business day after your registration.
  3. Your agency or landlord will release your bank deposit account.
  4. You get your money back and can use it freely.

Receive your Firstcaution rental guarantee within a maximum of one working day.

All FAQs

We are here to answer your questions

We can be contacted via:

  1. Telephone → 0840 78 78 78
  2. E-mail →
  3. WhatsApp → 022 318 59 39

Together, we will find simple solutions to help you move into your new commercial space.

We have been providing guarantees for tenants for over 12 years and more than 100,000 people have already benifitted from our speed and reliability.

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