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*In the 1st year, you will only start paying from the effective date of your lease

Firstcaution, 100% swiss rental guarantee

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Rental guarantee: get your certificate in 2 minutes here

You have signed your rental agreement or you are about to do it and you must produce a security deposit before you can move in. The amount of this security deposit is equivalent to 3 months' rent. Why freeze your money in a bank account? Take out a Firstcaution security deposit insurance and use your money as you please. This is easy, rapid and cost-saving. In a few clicks, you can fill in our form and get your security deposit the same day.

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Sign up in 2 minutes and get your Rental guarantee certificate

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You haven’t found a home yet?

A rent guarantee certificate will certainly help you rent.

Free request and without any strings attached.

Show your Firstcaution certificate at apartment viewings and give yourself the best chance.

It’s the proof, for the management and for the landlord, that you already have a solid agreement for your rent guarantee to come.

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Registration for a rent guarantee attestation

Firstcaution rental guarantee gives the same reliability

You already rent a home, your security deposit is frozen in an account and you would like to get your money back? You can do it with Firstcaution

The Firstcaution security deposit is as reliable as a bank deposit for your lessor or real estate agency. You can ask for a substitution at any time to release the amount which you have frozen in a deposit account.

For this, all you need to do is fill in our registration form. Once we have delivered the security deposit certificate, we will forward it to your real estate agency or lessor, which/who will advise your bank to release your deposit.

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Sponsoring a friend or relative


You are a Firstcaution client and would like to share your experience with your family, friends or colleagues. Thank you for trusting us. You will receive a CHF 30 COOP card for each client sponsored.

Here, you can enter, with no strings attached, the details of the person who may be interested in "sponsoring a friend or relative".

Sponsoring a friend or relative
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We contact the person recommended for its rental deposit and receive your coop card CHF 30 once we have issued a rental guarantee certificate
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