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The quick, easy, and flexible rental guarantee

Firstcaution can give you a fully flexible rental guarantee in just three minutes.

Firstcaution is the only insurance company that offers a flexible rental guarantee. You can deposit all or part of your rental guarantee in the form of a bank deposit. Unlike a traditional deposit, your money is never blocked. You may withdraw funds from your rental deposit online account or make payments throughout the duration of your lease.

Each payment you make lowers your rental guarantee premiums.

There is no need to inform the property management company or your landlord if you make payments or withdrawals to the account. The rental guarantee certificate issued remains unchanged.

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The best market price for your rental guarantee

The first year of your premium is calculated on the date you move in, so there is no need to pay for extra months that you don't need.

From the second year on, you pay an annual premium calculated on the guarantee amount set out in your lease.

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We are here to help

You can reach out to us for assistance via Telephone, e-mail and WhatsApp

Together, we will help you secure your next home or commercial property.

We have been issuing rental guarantees and offering reliable advice for more than twelve years. More than 100,000 satisfied customers have already placed their trust in us.

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"I’m very satisfied with the timely, effective customer service provided by the Firstcaution teams who made it so easy for me to get my apartment!"

Arthur F.


Get a gift when you recommend Firstcaution to your friends and family

Are you satisfield with your Firstcaution rental guarantee?

Recommend the Firstcaution rental guarantee to your family, colleagues and friends and get a Coop gift voucher worth CHF 30 as a thank you.

You will receive a voucher for each successful referral. You will receive as many vouchers as there are referrals.*test

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Our rental guarantee

Accepted and recognised by Swiss real estate agents

We work in partnership with more than 5,000 real estate companies throughout Switzerland.

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