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Renting a flat in St. Gallen: insider advice and tricks

Small metropolis in the eastern part of Switzerland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is the vibrant center of eastern Switzerland and is world famous as a textile town and a classic cultural attraction all year round.

Flat for rent in St. Gallen and average rents

At the corner of four countries, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein, St. Gallen is a university and textile city located near Lake Constance. Rents are in the Swiss average for a yearly m2 of CHF 231.-. For a flat between 2 and 4 rooms, the rent is between CHF 1'200.- and CHF 1'600.-, accompanied by a rental guarantee from Firstcaution, living in St. Gallen becomes affordable, especially for a student. Studios are much cheaper than in other major student cities. They range from CHF 500.- to CHF 800.-.

Renting a flat in the Western district

The district consists of the neighborhoods of Winkeln, Bruggen and Lachen. In Bruggen, Zücherstrasse is one of the most popular streets. Due to its proximity to Lake Constance, the number of inhabitants is growing. Forecasts indicate a 10% increase by 2040. Young people and students prefer to live close to the city center, while families find more comfort in the nearby suburbs.

The uprising neighborhood

The St. Mangen neighborhood in the north of the old town is the trendy area with its bars and restaurants. The church of the same name is one of the most beautiful in the city. The former Dominican convent of St. Catherine is located here and offers access to the cloister and inner courtyard for all.

Getting around by public transport in St. Gallen

With its large pedestrian zone in the old town, St. Gallen favors public transport. The S-Bahn (suburban railway) operates the Swiss rail network and provides access to the entire canton. Due to its geographical position, there are also fast connections to cities such as Zurich and Lucerne as well as to international destinations.

Living in St. Gallen, the city and its culture

The baroque cathedral is the city's landmark, and its library is the home of the most beautiful rococo hall in Switzerland, attracting visitors from all over the world. It is a city of culture with the oldest professional theatre. The old town is characterized by its narrow and winding streets, and decorated by the old buildings featuring their unique oriels and balconies. It is home to the largest locomotive depot, which was important in the golden age of the textile industry, which now has been converted into a cultural center. St. Gallen is a place of pilgrimage for those who love art. Giacometti, Serra or Mirò, a walk through the city is like visiting an open-air museum. The St. Mangen district and the old town are recommended for its bars and restaurants. In the old town the "Stock-Beizli", restaurants on the first floor, offers a unique local experience.

How to find a flat to rent in St. Gallen

You can of course search for a flat in St-Gallen on one of the many internet portals such as,,,, or But you can also read flat advertisements in local newspapers. Many landlords still advertise on paper. Also activate your network, an acquaintance may know someone who by chance knows of a flat for rent. We can help you with the rental guarantee! With Firstcaution, you can quickly and easily obtain a rental guarantee without a bank deposit.

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