What is a rental guarantee for a commercial properties?

A rental guarantee is a sum of money that allows the property management company or landlord to cover any arrears or damages caused by the tenant during the lease agreement term up to the amount defined in the lease agreement.

The law does not set a limit on the rental guarantee for a commercial properties. Your property management company or landlord is free to set the rental guarantee amount for the property. The amounts required as a commercial rental deposit for a commercial property vary from between three and twelve months' rent.

With Firstcaution, you get a quick, flexible, and secure guarantee

With Firstcaution, you provide your property management company or landlord with a rental guarantee without tying up funds. We provide the same security as a bank guarantee, but with flexibility and ease.

This frees up cash, allowing you to grow your business. We also offer a mixed solution if you wish to pay part of your rental guarantee as a deposit, which in turn makes your annual premiums lower. Please contact our team to discuss these options.

How does it work?

After you apply, we will contact you to draw up a tailor-made offer based on the guarantee amount set out in your lease agreement, the start date of your lease agreement and your company’s financial situation. You will then pay an annual premium to benefit from our rental guarantee without having to make a deposit.

Based on the joint inspection of the property when you vacate the property at the end of your lease agreement,, you will agree to the amount of damages or arrears with your landlord. Upon receipt of this agreement or a valid judgement, we will release all or part of the rental guarantee to your property management company or landlord. You will reimburse Firstcaution for the amounts paid out of your account.

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For all sectors of activity and all amounts

Whether you are looking to rent a shop, a restaurant, a doctor's surgery, or an office, you can apply for a rental guarantee with Firstcaution regardless of your activity sector, or the amount of your rent. We process all requests as quickly as possible with the utmost attention to detail.

A tailor-made solution to fit your needs that frees up cash

By choosing Firstcaution, you invest your liquid assets in productive activities for your company, rather than freezing up your money with a bank guarantee. What we offer you is complete flexibility. You can deposit part of your rental guarantee amount into a fully secure and dedicated bank account so your annual premiums are lower. You can renegotiate your contract from year to year based on your cash flow needs.


How do I apply for a rental guarantee to cover a commercial lease?

Apply online in just a few minutes to get your a Firstcaution rental guarantee. Documents you will need:

  • A copy of your lease agreement.
  • A copy of the identity document of the individual representing the company.
  • Extracts from the debt collection register less than three months old from the signatories to the lease agreement.
  • Your business plan or financial statements for the last few years.
  • Any other document you deem useful.

We will contact you directly to review and confirm the details of your rental guarantee for your commercial lease.


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What you get with a Firstcaution rental guarantee

Easy and user-friendly

Quick and easy application process. We are available to answer all your questions by Telephone, e-mail and WhatsApp

Business friendly

We accept applications for commercial leases. We can support you and your business.


Firstcaution is a FINMA-approved insurance company. Our guarantees offer the same security as a bank guarantee.


We are experts when it comes to providing rental guarantees. We have been providing efficient and effective services for over 12 years. More than 100,000 customers have already placed their trust in us.

How much does a rental guarantee for a commercial property cost?

Your annual premium is tailor-made for your company. We review your draft lease agreement and business plan or financial statements from previous years. We do not discriminate based on the sector of activity. We provide you with a direct point of contact to help you grow your business.

Combine both: rental deposit & annual statement

We offer a mixed solution that allows you to block part of your rental guarantee in the form of a bank guarantee and apply for a Firstcaution rental guarantee for the balance. At Firstcaution, we make everything easy. Your rental guarantee conditions may need to be adapted to fit the needs of your company or if you net a positive yearly return.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the purpose of a rental guarantee for a commercial property?

A rental guarantee is required to sign a lease agreement. You have to provide your property management company or landlord with a rental guarantee, also known as a security deposit, to be able to rent a commercial property in Switzerland. You will not be able to sign a lease agreement with a property management company or landlord without a rental guarantee.

The rental guarantee for a commercial property is variable, amounting anywhere from three to twelve months' rent. You can apply for a rental guarantee without a deposit, instead of freezing up your money with a bank deposit.

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