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Renting a flat in Neuchâtel: insider advice and tips

A town with medieval origins, Neuchâtel is situated on the shores of the lake that bears its name. Spending time in this pleasant city can easily transport us to the past. Its narrow-cobbled streets and classic Burgundian architecture are well preser

Neuchâtel, a thousand-year-old city with an indisputable charm, will seduce you with the elegance of its buildings and its privileged location on the banks of the largest Swiss lake.

Flat for rent in Neuchâtel and attractive rents

This charming city, the beauty of the surrounding landscape, its cobbled streets and its more than attractive real estate market will invite you to stay. A typical 4-room flat costs about CHF 1'500.- per month. The higher above the town center, the lower the rents tend to be. About 80% of the flats for rent are in the price range of CHF 750.- to CHF 1'850.-. Next to cities like Geneva or Zürich, this is a bargain.

Renting a flat in the Ecoparc district

The Ecoparc district was conceived at the beginning of the 1990s and is the result of an urban development competition. Originally an urban wasteland stretching along the railway line, the area is now an attractive mix of housing and employment. Focused on sustainable development, it offers many attractive housing opportunities. The train station is close by, so are the pedestrian streets, the lake, and the university.

Old town

The Collégiale district is located on the rocky spur (what is that?) and is visually charmed by the presence of the Castle, the Prison Tower and the Diesse Tower. Beautiful buildings accompanied by an ancient habitat. The old town is worth a visit for its medieval beauty. Standing proudly on the hill, it is also a labyrinth of alleys lined with buildings made of Hauterive stone, the yellow limestone that illuminates and brightens the whole town.

Getting around by public transport in Neuchâtel

The Neuchâtel public transport network has been covered by a single fare policy since 2019 and operated by Onde Verte, an independent company. This legal form of the integral tariff community is a first in Switzerland. Several funiculars connect the higher situated districts with the main and lake-side parts of Neuchâtel. The most used is the Fun'ambule, linking the train station to the lower part of the city and giving access to the lake. It was put into service in 2001 and has a unique feature: no matter how steep the slope, the cars will always remain horizontal.

Our insider tips when living in Neuchâtel

The city of Neuchâtel is full of history and culture with many museums, including the Art and History Museum at the lakefront. In summer, the lakefront is very popular for its many bars and outdoor activities. For after-work, the Brasserie B'Art is the place to be. A young place offering a wide variety of beers is called Zythologists. Traditionally practiced in autumn, the torrée is an unmissable Neuchâtel tradition. Family and friends gather around a large fire and prepare an exceptional meal of sausages and potatoes, cooked under the ashes of the fire. Neuchâtel also offers a wide range of water sports, with many small businesses emerging in recent years, allowing us all to enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscape.

How to find a flat to rent in Neuchâtel

You can of course search for a flat in Neuchâtel on one of the many internet portals such as,,,, or But you can also read flat advertisements in local newspapers. Many landlords still advertise on paper. Also activate your network, an acquaintance may know someone who by chance knows of a flat for rent. We can help you with the rental guarantee! With Firstcaution, you can quickly and easily obtain a rental guarantee without a bank deposit.

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