Renting a flat in Nyon: insider advice and tips

A flat in the small port city of Nyon, combined with a job in Geneva or Lausanne, offer a perfect combination of professional and private lifes. Our tips for renting a flat in Nyon.

Nyon, the small city of festivals and culture, is located between Geneva and Lausanne and offers a breathtaking view of the lake and Mont Blanc. It offers a relaxing setting, while also offering various events throughout the year, such as its emblematic Paléo Festival.

Flat for rent in Nyon and affordable prices.

Nyon has seen its cityscape transformed over the last 5 years with numerous new housing constructions, leading to affordable levels of rent. The average rent is around CHF 2’200.-, with a three-room flat generally costing CHF 2’400.- per month. The city of Nyon is undergoing rapid urban development, combining a desire to be environmentally friendly with modern construction to meet the needs of contemporary housing.

Renting a flat in the new La Suettaz district

The new district of La Suettaz, currently under construction, includes the replacement of a group of dilapidated dwellings by 4 modern residential buildings. Approximately 380 units with mostly affordable rents will be built in this magnificent project initiated and exexuted by CCHE. Following the goal of sustainable development, the project aims to combine a high biodiversity and achieving high energy performance at the same time. In short, the Suettaz district aims to be a green place to live.

The up-and-coming district of Petite Prairie

This new neighborhood, which will be completed in autumn 2020, pushes the boundaries of the city of Nyon even further and comprises an open block, with a beautiful ecological design. Many of the buildings are mixed-use and include the essential amenities for living in this charming neighborhood, which is oriented around a courtyard and numerous parks. The Cossy school with its indoor pool and middle school are located south of Petite Prairie. This is the modern and affordable neighborhood that is emerging in Nyon as the second city centre north of the train station.

Getting around by public transport

The town of Nyon is very well served by the Transports Publics Nyonnais, offering 10 bus lines in total. The railway station is also an essential place with its multiple connections to Geneva and Lausanne (about 4 per hour to each center). The Nyon - St-Cergue train, more commonly known as the "petit train", allows a quick getaway in the direction of the Jura and the surrounding villages such as Genolier. It is also essential to reach the famous Paléo Festival, which takes place at the end of July on the plaine de l'Asse and attracts a variety of music afficionados.

Our insider tips when living in Nyon

Nyon is a city of culture with six festivals taking place each year between the months of February and August: Les Hivernales, Visions du Réel, Caribana Festival, Rive jazzy, the festival of living arts and the unmissable Paléo festival. The town of Nyon is also an ancient city of the Roman world with its columns on the Place des Marronniers, overlooking the lake and offering a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc. Also, as well as its Museum Romain is well worth a visit. In addition to the town's traditional bars, such as La Parenthèse, Fisherman's Pub or Cactus Jack, there are a number of alternative places to enjoy your afterwork, such as Square Perdtemps, which has just been renovated, La Grande jetée or La Roulotte, which is located behind the railway station and is a favourite spot for commuters living in the upper part of Nyon.

Convinced? Do you already have a flat to rent? Check out our tips for preparing your rental application.

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