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Renting a flat in Lugano: insider advice and tips

Lugano, the largest city in Ticino, is also the third largest financial center of Switzerland and is often referred to as the city of parks and flower gardens.

The city of Lugano, with its Mediterranean atmosphere, offers all the advantages of a cosmopolitan city on the scale of a small coastal town.

Renting a flat in Lugano

Apartment rents vary greatly in Lugano. The majority of offered flats come with a monthly rent between CHF 1’000.- and CHF 3’800.-. Thanks to a relatively high vacancy rate (3.15%), it is possible to find the right home for ones needs and financial situation.

Rent a flat in the eastern part of Lugano

The eastern side of the Cassarate river, built on the slopes of Monte Brè, offers a less urban area and is close to nature. You can take the funicular up to the peak and enjoy the splendid view of Lake Lugano. East Lugano offers a certain calmness, while still being close to the central city.

A town of art and architecture

Over the last 50 years, the city of Lugano has developed considerably into a region devoted to art and architecture. The MASI exhibits numerous works by artists such as Degas, Renoir, or Klee. There are also several exhibitions of young Ticino artists which are well worth a visit. Architecture has a prominent place in Ticino culture, especially thanks to its main representatives Luigi Snozzi and Mario Botta. Their influence can be seen in many of the city's buildings.

Getting around Lugano by public transport

Ticino is in full evolution and is developing its infrastructures to reduce traffic and preserve its environment. Restructuring is underway and in the next few years, we will be able to enjoy the benefits of soft mobility that is unique in Switzerland. (What is soft mobility? Should be explained)

Our insider tips when living in Lugano

Lugano is a city of history and culture, but also of sport. It offers a wide range of activities. The city center is obviously the heart of the city, with its many terraces and wonderful restaurants. The Parco Ciani is the ideal place to take a stroll and possibly visit the famous and popular casino nearby. Numerous bars in the narrow streets welcome you with their specialty drinks and an inviting atmosphere. Water sports have become very fashionable in recent years and spending time on the lake is rewarded by exceptional views of the surrounding landscape.

How to find a flat for rent in Lugano

You can of course search for a flat in Lugano on one of the many internet portals such as,,,, or But you can also read flat advertisements in local newspapers. Many landlords still advertise on paper. Also activate your network, an acquaintance may know someone who by chance knows of a flat for rent. We can help you with the rental guarantee! With Firstcaution, you can quickly and easily obtain a rental guarantee without a bank deposit.

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