Renting a flat in Lausanne: insider advice and tips

The Olympic capital, located on the northern shore of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is the capital of the canton of Vaud.

As a dynamic university and conference town, it has the dynamism of a business town and the ideal location of a holiday resort.

Flat for rent in Lausanne and high rents

Lausanne is a privileged city on the shores of Lake Geneva and attracts many coveted properties. Dynamic companies, international organisations and universities of international renown intermingle, the average rent of flats on the market is CHF 1'660.-. The price of a studio apartment is generally more than CHF 1’000.- and a three-room apartment can cost around CHF 3’000.-. For the students who live here, sharing is the preferred form of accommodation.

Rent a flat in Plaines-du-Loup

The new eco-neighborhood project of Plaines-du-Loup, located in the upper part of Lausanne, aims to accommodate around 11,000 inhabitants and jobs by 2034, while meeting environmental, social, and economic challenges. An ambitious and major project for the city of Lausanne, the first stage and the building sites started in the summer of 2020.

The Flon district, center of Lausanne

The Flon is a place to be in Lausanne that combines history and innovation. It offers a mix of bars, art galleries, boutiques, and nightclubs. The area has undergone a major artistic transformation in recent years, with the Cubes attracting the attention of passers-by. The unusual thing about Flon is the transparent toilets that become opaque when occupied, a real experience.

Getting around by public transport in Lausanne

Practical and fast, public transport in Lausanne is one of the pillars of urban mobility. The railway station is the largest rail hub in French-speaking Switzerland, and metros such as the M1 and M2 make it easy to get around in this sloping city. The project for the construction of the M3 is underway and should be completed by 2030.

Our insider tips when living in Lausanne

Lausanne is a city of culture, but also an international city with the IOC. A multicultural and cosmopolitan city, it has museums, trendy restaurants, and an alternative nightlife. The Flon district is favored by students and clubbers. The MAD is a temple. Many small breweries have sprung up in recent years, such as the Mise en bière or the King Size Pub. For those who are a little more rock, the Lapin Vert has been operating for over 30 years and offers to vibrate to the sound of guitars of local artists.

How to find a flat to rent in Lausanne

You can of course search for a flat in Lausanne on one of the many internet portals such as,,,, or But you can also read flat advertisements in local newspapers. Many landlords still advertise on paper. Also activate your network, an acquaintance may know someone who by chance knows of a flat for rent. We can help you with the rental guarantee! With Firstcaution, you can quickly and easily obtain a rental guarantee without a bank deposit.

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