Firstcaution is here to support property property management companies and landlords

We are here to make your job easier. We make every effort to simplify the process of issuing and releasing guarantees.

We help you check whether tenants are solvent or not, and we put our tools at your disposal.


For our partners

We do our best to make your life easier. We guarantee an innovative and efficient rental guarantee issuing and cancelling service while offering your tenants the very best conditions. By issuing a rental guarantee, we ensure your tenants are solvent. Our tools are at your disposal.

Firstcaution is a FINMA-approved Swiss insurance company. We have twelve years experience in issuing rental guarantees. We are a team of almost forty people located between Nyon, Zurich, and Bwith a wide range of knowledge about rental and tenancy law. We handle every request respectfully and efficiently, finding the best solutions possible.s.

100,000 other customers rely on us and you can too.

Firstcaution is a FINMA-approved Swiss insurance company.
We make every effort to make the process of issuing and freeing up guarantees as straightforward as possible.
We act as a bridge between tenants and property management companies or landlords.
We guarantee quick and easy solutions.


Firstcaution makes your job easier

We do our best to make your job easier.

Tenant solvency study

We provide a quality database, compiled by market specialists.é.

Quick and easy issuing of guarantee certificates

We issue guarantee certificates within one day. It is easy and quick for tenants to apply. To ensure the quality of the guarantees we issue, we check the identity of the tenants and the lease agreement.

Releasing a rental guarantee in your favour

We make the process of releasing guarantees smooth. We release the rental guarantee only at your express request.

A smooth reimbursement process in the event of claims and damages

In the event of damages or unpaid rent at the time of the joint inspection of the premises, we will settle the costs accordingly upon presentation of a valid agreement or judgement. We manage any reimbursements required from the tenant.

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Quick and easy answers and solutions

By contacting us, you are speaking directly to experts. Our staff is split into specialised teams, e.g. private clients, commercial clients, and claims. We are committed to working efficiently to provide quick and easy solutions.

We aim to be a trustworthy partner for you. We see ourselves as a link between property management companies and tenants. We understand the needs and perspectives of both parties, which helps us find common ground.


Join our network of partners

What you get as one of our partners: an attractive contract, flexibility and speed when issuing and releasing the guarantee. We offer tailor-made partnerships based on your profile and needs. We now work with more than 5,000 real estate professionals throughout Switzerland.