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Firstcaution SA

Firstcaution is a Swiss insurance company approved by FINMA.

We are security deposit specialists.

We issue security deposits for residential leases and commercial leases throughout Switzerland.

We work on a partnership basis with the most reputable Swiss real estate agencies and work with all real estate professionnals in Switzerland.

Celine Frey, CEO

Celine Frey, CEO

"Firstcaution provides support to tenants when they move in as they can get a security deposit without freezing their money in a bank account. We are a small part of the key to their home and we are proud of it. We are committed to offering the best solution in the market for tenants and for being highly responsive when they submit their application."

"Our development relies on solid partnerships with real estate agencies. We pay great care to the quality of the service which we deliver to our partners, both at an early stage when our certificates are issued, and later in the process, when we release our deposits and in case of damage. We offer easier procedures for enhanced efficiency!"

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