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How does it work?

Follow the path to your rental guarantee

Follow the path to your Firstcaution rental guarantee
  • 1.Fill in our registration form:
    • On line, by attaching the copy of your lease and identity document now or later
    • By mail, by filling in the form in paper format available in all real estate agencies which are Firstcaution partners.
  • 2.Our team will immediately process your application and you will receive your certificate in the course of the day
  • 3.We forward the security deposit certificate to your real estate agency
  • 4.Now, all you need to do is move in and enjoy your new home...

What is a rental security deposit?

You are about to sign a lease and your lessor or the real estate agency which represents the lessor is asking you to provide a security deposit.

The rental security deposit is money equivalent to three months' rent, used by the lessor or real estate agency to pay any damage caused by the tenant during the term of the lease or collect rent arrears after the tenant has left.

With Firstcaution, you can give this deposit to the lessor or agency without having to put money into a bank deposit account and freezing such money.

Rent guarantee or certificate. Is there a difference?

If you have already found a new home and have signed the lease or are about to, you can apply for a rent guarantee now by filling in the form here. We will handle your application without delay.

If you are still looking for a property to rent, then you can apply for a free guarantee certificate here. This document will be useful for you when making visits. Just show the certificate. It proves you have been accepted for a rent guarantee. As soon as you find your home, all you need do is convert your certificate into a rent guarantee. To do so, just fill in the application form with your certificate number and details of the rented property.

How much does it cost?

With Firstcaution you can provide the landlord with a rent guarantee without tying up money in the bank. You will be charged an annual premium in consideration.

For the first year, the premium depends on the inception date of the lease. Whatever the amount of the guarantee, the premium is calculated by reference to the table below:


From the second year, the annual premium is 5% of the amount of your guarantee + CHF 20 management fee + federal stamp duty.

Start of the lease 01.07.2020
Amount of the rent guarantee: CHF 3'500.-
Premium 2020: CHF 120.-
Premium 2021: CHF 205.-

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