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Calculate your premium
  • Premium 2020
    CHF 150.-
  • Annual premium from 2021
    CHF -.-

*In the 1st year, you will only start paying from the effective date of your lease

A personal relationship

In the case of a partnership, we maintain close links with real estate agencies. We provide to real estate agencies a variety of services to improve and simplify processes at various levels:

Release of the security deposit for you
  • 1.Tenant risk analysis
    • We provide a quality data base built by a market professional.
  • 2.Delivery of certificate
    • We issue security deposit certificates in the course of the day.
    • Processes are easy for the tenant. He/She will send to us his/her application by e-mail or by post with a copy of his/her identification paper and lease. Payment will be made after the security deposit has been issued, upon receipt of the invoice with a payment slip (BVR).
  • 3.Release of the security deposit for you
    • Procedures at the time of release are easier. We only release the money at the express request of the real estate agency.
    • For more information, please give us your details and we will call you and visit you to present Firstcaution

    • The real estate agency extranet

About us

Firstcaution is a Swiss insurance company approved by FINMA.

We operate throughout Switzerland and collaborate with the most reputable real estate agencies.

We offer to your tenants highly beneficial conditions for their security deposit.

We issue certificates in the course of the day to offer you the best reactivity.

Unsere Garantien sind zu 100% verlässlich und bieten Ihnen dieselbe Sicherheit wie ein Bankguthaben.

Our procedures are much easier and more rapid to release the deposit for your own benefit if any damage occurs.

For more information

Our rental security deposits

We issue rental security deposits for both residential and commercial leases with no restricted amount.

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